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Iron Claw were a range of miniatures designed by Bob Olley. First announced in White Dwarf 91, the first releases were the IC201 Skeleton Guard in White Dwarf 93. They were manufactured and distributed by Citadel and appeared during 1987-8. When Bob and Citadel parted company many of these pieces were assimilated into the main Citadel lists. The Goblins and Black Orcs, for instance, formed the bulk of those pictured in the 1990 Fantasy catalog.

For the definitive guide to all things Iron Claw see Tony Mansfield's Bob Olley wiki.

IC101 Gothic Dwarfs
IC201 Skeleton Guard
ICxxx Skeleton Death Riders
IC601 Black Orcs
Iron Claw Goblins
Goblin War Machine
Iron Claw Half Elves
Rogue Trader
IC301 Space Pirates
IC501 Squats
IC2003 Jump Troopers
Limited Release
Dwarf Booze Brothers
Squat Hovercar

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