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Citadel Spacefarers

Shown in Miolten Magic in December 1979 (WD16) and then featured in the 1980 catalog, but not advertized in White Dwarf until June 1981, when the Spacefarers rules were published. In the 1983 recoding, they were grouped in the c100 range with some of the Superheroes.

S1 Star Patrolman with Laser Pistol
S2 Star Patrolman on Jet Cycle
S3 Star Marshal with Laser Rifle
S4 Star Ranger with Autolaser
S5 Bounty Hunter with Bolt Rifle
S6 Planetary Citizen
S7 Female Planetary Citizen
S8 Adventurer with Machine Pistol & Power Glove
S9 Adventurer with Autolaser & Force Sword
S10 Adventurer on Jet Cycle
S11 Adventuress with Laser Pistol
S12 Adventuress on Jet Cycle
S13 Star Lane Pirate with Machine Pistol
S14 Star Lane Pirate with Laser Pistol
S15 Star Lane Pirate with Bolt Gun
S16 Star Lane Pirate on Jet Cycle
S17 Star Lane Pirate Girl with Laser Pistol
S18 Star Lane Pirate Girl on Jet Cycle
S19 Street Rebel with Machine Pistol
S20 Street Rebel on Jet Cycle
S21 Interplanetary Scout with Bolt Gun
S22 Interplanetary Merchant
S23 Supreme Lord of the Dark Disciples
S24 Dark Disciples Advancing with Machine Pistol
S25 Dark Disciple Crouching with Bolt Rifle
S26 Dark Disciple with Portable Missile Launcher
S27 Dark Disciple in Power Armour with Heavy Bolt Rifle
S28 Dark Disciple Follower on Jump Scooter
S29 Dark Disciple Monk with Bolt Gun
S30 Fanatic Disciple with Bolt Gun & Power Glove
S31 Fanatic Disciple Priest with Bolt Gun & Hand Flamer
S32 Emperor of the Imperialists
S33 Imperial Marine Advancingwith Laser Rifle25p
S34 Imperial Marine Advancing with Needle Rifle
S35 Imperial Marine withConversion Beam Projector
S36 Imperial Marine in Power Armour with Autolaser
S37 Imperial Marine on Jump Scooter
S38 Imperial Marine Officer with Laser Pistol
S39 Imperial Invincible Trooper Advancing with Autolaser
S40 Imperial Invincible Captain with Needle Gun & Force Sword
S41 Robot Fighting Machine
S42 Security Robot
S43 Battle Droid
S44 Giant Android Law Inforcer
S45 Cyborg Assassin
S46 Armoured Hovercar with Crew
S47 Spacefarers' Jet Packs
S48 Spacefarers' Weapons
S49 'Big Brother' Armoured Security Vehicle with Crew
S50 Six Gun Attack Droid
S51 Street Rebel on 'Chopper' Jet Cycle
S52 Tracked Robo-reconnaissance Droid
S53 Giant Robot Sentinel
S54 Security Guard firing Laser Pistol
S55 Security Guard aiming Laser Pistol

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