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Star Cruisers

"An innovative range of space vessels designed especially for the new STAR CRUISERS rules to enable players to boldly go where no players have been before!"

Pan Human Alliance
SCP1 Destroyer (General Type)
SCP2 "Warrior" Class Pursuit Cruiser
SCP3 "Stateside" Class Scout Cruiser
SCP4 "Asimov" Class Escort Cruiser
SCP5 "John F. Kennedy" Class Cruiser
SCP6 "Sheridan" Class Battle Cruiser
SCP7 "Bismark" Class Fleet Battle Cruiser
The League
SCL1 "Birlad" Type Frigate (2 figs)
SCL2 "Tirgovisti" Type Destroyer
SCL3 "Moinesti" Type Light Cruiser
SCL4 "Sinca-Veche" Type Light Cruiser
SCL5 "Nyiregyhaza" Type Pursuit Cruiser
SCL6 " Rimnicu Villa" Type Cruiser
SCK1 Kjunklingr War Vessel

Miniatures ©Games Workshop
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