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Gangster! / Gangsters

"A range of mobsters, molls and lawmen designed especially for use with GANGSTER! - the role playing game of crime and crime prevention published by Fantasy Games Unlimited Inc."
The range was later revised, and renamed Gangsters, with no connection to the FGU game. The miniatures were indiviually coded.

G1 Al Capone at Desk
G2 Bonnie & Clyde with C.W. Moss
G3 John Dillinger and Girlfriends
G4 Machine Dun Kelly, Baby Face Nelson & Legs Diamond
G5 Elliott Ness with Federal Agents
G6 G-men (3 figs)
G7 State Troopers (3 figs)
G8 Police Action Pack (3 figs)
G9 Uptown Dudes (3 figs)
G10 Henchman (3 figs)
G11 Street Punks (3 figs)
G12 Racketeers (3 figs)
G30 Weapons Pack
G01 Police Captain drawing pistol
G02 Uniformed Policeman firing pistol
G03 Uniformed Policeman firing carbine
G04 Federal Agent drawing pistol
G05 Federal Agent firing pistol
G06 Gangster aiming pistol
G07 Gangster firing pistol
G08 Gangster standing with pistol
G09 Gang Leader firing pistol
G10 Gangster loading pistol
G11 Dude aiming pistol
G12 Gangster with pistol
G13 Gangster with machine gun
G14 Gangster firing machine gun
G15 Gangster aiming machine gun
G16 Gangster firing shotgun
G17 Punk aiming pistol
G18 Punk firing pistol
G19 Punk loading carbine
G20 Moll with pistol

Miniatures ©Games Workshop
Images ©2015  The Stuff of Legends, may not be copied without permission
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