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Star Trek The Motion Picture™ - 25mm Miniatures

These were sold in packs of 2.

ST1 Captain Kirk
ST2 Mr. Spock
ST3 Dr. "Bones" McCoy
ST4 Scotty & Cherov
ST5 Sulu & Willard Decker
ST6 Uhura & Christine Chapel
ST7 Ilia & Janice Rand
ST8 Enterprise Crew
ST9 Security Guards
ST10 Vulcans
ST11 Deltans
ST12 Klingons
ST13 Aaamazzarites
ST14 Kazarites
ST15 Betalgeusians
ST16 Arcturians
ST17 Zaranites
ST18 K'normians
ST19 Rigellians
ST20 Rhaandrites
ST21 Shamin Priests
ST22 Megarites
ST23 Saurians
ST24 Andoreans

Miniatures ©Games Workshop
Images ©2015  The Stuff of Legends, may not be copied without permission
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