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Machineries of Destruction

"Great engines of war, Citadel's Machineries of Destruction are superbly made, highly detailed multi-part boxed model kits, designed for use with the Warhammer Fantasy Battle rules but ideal for use with any fantasy wargame or for collectors. Each machine comes complete with a full crew, Warhammer Fantasy Battle statistics and special rules, and a specially written story fitting them into the Warhammer mythos." Which about sums the range up, except for MD9, the odd man out, which was probably intended as an Iron Claw release.

MD1 Goblin King's Battle Chariot
MD2 Skull Crusher, Goblin Trebuchet
MD3 Leadbelcher, Goblin Organ Gun
MD4 Elven Attack Chariot
MD5 Man Mangler, Orc Stone Thrower
MD6 Goblin Battle Chariots
MD7 Gob-Lobber, Dwarf Onager
MD8 Skeleton War Machines
MD9 Goblin War Chariot

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