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Citadel Samurai

SAM1 Samurai Striking with Sword
SAM2 Samurai Swinging Sword
SAM3 Samurai Drawing Bow
SAM4 Ashigaru Archer Firing Bow
SAM5 Ashigaru Standard Bearer
SAM6 Ashigaru with Naginata
SAM7 Mounted Samurai with Bow
SAM8 Mounted Samurai with Spear
SAM9 Ashigaru with Arquebus
SAM10 Ashigaru with Spear
SAM11 Samurai with Spear
SAM12 Warrior Monk with Naginata
SAM13 Ashigaru with Sword.

Miniatures ©Games Workshop
Images ©2015  The Stuff of Legends, may not be copied without permission
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