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Citadel Romans

AR11 was not listed in any Citadel Catalog, but was advertized in Military Modelling and by Ral Partha in their 1985 Historicals catalog.

AR1a Centurion
AR1b Centurion
AR1c Centurion
AR2a Legionary (3 figs.)
AR2b Legionary (3 figs.)
AR2c Legionary (3 figs.)
AR3 Aquilifer
AR4 Signifier
AR5 Musician
AR6 Auxiliary Javelineers (3 figs.)
AR7 Auxiliary Archers Western (3 figs.)
AR8 Auxiliary Archers Eastern (3 figs.)
AR9 Praetorian Guardsmen (3 figs.)
AR10 Super Heavy Legionary with Sword (3 figs.)
AR11 - Standard Bearer + Vexillium
ARC1 Mounted Officer
ARC2 Horse Archer
ARC3 Auxiliary Heavy Cavalry - Oval Shield
ARC4 Auxiliary Heavy Cavalry - Hexagonal Shield
ARE1 - Ballista (Light Bolt Thrower with 3 crew)
ARE2 - Cart with 2 Horses

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