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Citadel Medievals

The miniatures were integrated into the C26 & C38 ranges in 1983. Most were then sold to Wargames Foundry when Citadel stopped making historical ranges.

M1 Peasants Marching
M2 Peasants Advancing
M3 Light Swordsman
M4 Light Infantry with Polearms
M5 Swordsmen in Aketon
M6 Infantry with Two-Handed Weapons in Gambeson
M7 Infantry in Aketon with Hand Weapons
M8 Armored Infantry in Aketon with Hand Weapons
M9 Armored Halberdiers
M10 Armored Swordsmen
M11 Knights with Swords
M12 Knights with Two-Handed Weapons
M13 Knights with Hand Weapons
M14 Longbowmen
M15 Armored Handgunners
M16 Crossbowman in Gambeson
M17 Foot Officer
M18 Foot Standard Bearers
M19 Medieval Adventurers
M101 Knight with Sword
M102 Knight with Sword on Armored Horse
M103 Knight with Sword on Caparisoned Horse
M104 Knight with Hand Weapons
M105 Knight with Hand Weapons on Armored Horse
M106 Knight with Hand Weapons on Caparisoned Horse
M107 Knight with Lance
M108 Knight with Lance on Armored Horse
M109 Knight with Lance on Caparisoned Horse
M110 Knight with Couched Lance
M111 Knight with Couched Lance on Armored Horse
M112 Knight with Couched Lance on Caparisoned Horse
M113 Mounted Bowman
M114 Mounted Armored Swordsmen
M115 Mounted Armored Spearmen
M116 Armored Cavalry with Hand Weapons

Miniatures ©Games Workshop
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