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Citadel Malburians

Launched in 1982,

MLB1 - Infantrymen Charging
MLB2 - Infantrymen Advancing
MLB3 - Infantry Officer
MLB4 - Infantry Drummer
MLB5 - Infantry Standard Bearer
MLB6 - British Grenadiers Advancing
MLB7 - British Grenadier Drummer
MLB8 - Dragoons on Foot at the Ready
MLB9 - Mounted Dragoons
MLB10 - Mounted Officer
MLB11 - Heavy Cavalryman
MLB12 - Artillery Set
MLB13 - 12 Pounder Field Gun
MLB14 - Bavarian Hussar
MLB15 - Bavarian Hussar Officer

Miniatures ©Games Workshop
Images ©2015  The Stuff of Legends, may not be copied without permission
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