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Dark Ages 28mm

Launched in October 1979 (WD15), this range later featured many "individualised" codes, in this case different heads, allowing units to be built with a varied appearance. The miniatures were integrated into the C26 & C38 ranges in 1983. Most were then sold to Wargames Foundry when Citadel stopped making historical ranges.

DA1 Arab Cavalry Spearmen
DA2 Arab Cavalry Swordsmen
DA3 Arab Heavy Cavalry
DA4 Arab Extra Heavy Cavalry
DA5 Arab Horse Archer
DA6 Arab Spearmen
DA7 Arab Javelinmen
DA8 Arab Slingers
DA9 Arab Camel Archer
DA10 Arab "Ghazi" Fanatic Infantry
DA11 Pack Animal
DA12 Byzantine Heavy Cavalry
DA13 Byzantine Heavy Cavalry Bowmen
DA14 Byzantine Extra Heavy Cavalry
DA15 Byzantine Extra Heavy Cavalry Bowmen
DA16 Byzantine Cataphract
DA17 Trapezitae Light Cavalry
DA18 Byzantine Heavy Infantry
DA19 Byzantine Front Rank Heavy Infantry
DA20 Archers
DA21 Crossbowmen
DA22 Javelinmen
DA23 Staff Slingers
DA24 Norman Heavy Cavalry
DA25 Turkish Cavalry
DA26 Petchneg Light Cavalry
DA27 Russ Heavy Infantry
DA28 Slav Infantry
DA29 Varangian Guardsmen in Armour
DA30 Arab Archers
DA31 Byzantine Heavy Infantry Archers
DA32 Bzyantine Infantry Officers
DA33 Bzyantine Intantry Standard Bearers
DA34 Bzyantine Cavalry Officers
DA35 Byzantine Cavalry Standard Bearer
DA36 Byzantine General
DA37 Arab Infantry Officers
DA38 Arab Infantry Standard Bearer
DA40 Arab Cavalry Officer
DA41 Arab Cavalry Standard Bearer
DA42 Arab General
DA43 Viking Chieftains
DA44 Mounted Viking Chieftain
DA45 Viking Berserker with Axe
DA46 Viking Berserker with Sword and knife
DA47 Viking Heavy Infantry with Axes
DA48 Viking Heavy Spearman
DA49 Viking Axemen
DA50 Viking Spearman
DA51 Viking Javelinmen
DA52 Viking Archers
DA53 Viking Slingers
DA54 Viking Swordsmen Standing
DA55 Viking Swordsmen Charging
DA56 Viking Standard Bearers
DA57 Viking Cavalryman
DA58 Viking Looters with captive girl (2 Figure Set)
DA59 Carolingian Heavy Cavalry
DA60 Carolingian Guard Cavalry
DA61 Carolingian Medium Cavalry
DA62 Breton Light Cavalry
DA63 Lombard Heavy Cavalry
DA64 Lombard Med. Cavalry and Kontos
DA65 Lombard Medium Cavalry with Javelins
DA66 Magyar Light Cavalry with bow, Javelin and shield
DA67 Carolingian Cavalry Officer
DA68 Carolingian Cavalry Standard Bearer
DA69 Carolingian General
DA70 Saxon Archers
DA71 Staff Slingers
DA72 Crossbowmen
DA73 Lombard Archers
DA74 Carolingian Heavy Infantry
DA75 Carolingian Medium Infantry
DA76 Carolingian Infantry Officers
DA77 Carolingian Infantry Standard Bearers
DA78 Dark Ages Adventurers
DA79 Carolingian Javelinman
DA80 11th Century Light Spearman with Kite Shield
DA81 11th Century Heavy Spearman with Kite Shield

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