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FTW Fantasy Tribe Wizards

Announced on the Clerics and Hobgoblins flyer in late 1982 this range was recoded as C02 in January 1983.

FTW1 Wizards
a) Wizard with Rod
b) Illusionist (FA11)
c) Wizard Reading from Spell Book (FS43)
d) White Wizard (FF9)
e) Wizard with Dagger
FTW2 Young Wizards
a) Wizard with Staff
b) Wizard with Wand
c) Wizard with Rod
d) Wizard with Amulet
e) Wizard casting Spell
FTW3 Female Wizards
a) Female Wizard with Staff (FA16)
b) Sorceress (FA23)
c) Nubile Young Enchantress
e) Adventuring Wizardess
FTW4 Evil Wizards
a) Evil Wizard
b) Necromancer
c) Witch
d) Wizard reading Spell Scroll
e) Sorceror of Chaos

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