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FTS - Fantasy Tribe Skeletons

FTS1-15 were released in February 1982. These became part of the C17 Skeletons and C18 Undead ranges in 1983. FTS19 through 25 were Citadel C17 Skeletons included in the FTS range by Ral Partha in the USA.

* = Personalized

FTS1* Skeleton advancing with Sword and Shield
FTS2 Skeleton attacking with Scimitar
FTS3* Skeleton attacking with Sword
FTS4* Skeleton charging with Spear
FTS5* Skeleton attacking with Axe and Shield
FTS6 Skeleton with Bow
FTS7* Skeleton swinging Club
FTS8* Skeleton advancing with Pitchfork
FTS9* Skeleton attacking with Dagger
FTS10 Skeleton hacking with Sword
FTS11 Dwarf Skeleton with Axe and Shield
FTS12 Halfling Skeleton with Dagger and Shield
FTS13 Skeleton King
FTS14 Skeleton Priest
FTS15 Slain Skeleton
FTS16 Skeleton Lord
FTS17 Grim Reaper
FTS18 Standard Bearer of the Legions of Hell
RPI - US Only
FTS19 Skeleton with Sickle
FTS20 Stalking Skeleton in Chain Mail
FTS21 Skeleton Warrior
FTS22 Skeleton Rider on Hell Horse
FTS23 Skeleton Baron In Plate on Zombie Horse
FTS24 Skeleton with Bone Crusher Mace & Shield
FTS25 Skeleton with Haunted Axe and Shield
FTS Skeletons

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