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FTO Fantasy Tribe Orcs

Previewed in White Dwarf 29 and advertized in White Dwarf 30 (April/May 1982), the initial release was FTO1-13. FTO14 followed in November/December 1982. FTO15 was an RPI US Only release of the FTE/C22-5f Orc Champion.

These became part of the C15 & C16 ranges in 1983.

* = Personalized

FTO1* Orc advancing with Mace and Shield
FTO2* Orc attacking with Sword and Shield
FTO3* Orc advancing with Sword, Spear and Shield
FTO4* Orc charging with Spear
FTO5* Orc advancing with Spear
FTO6* Orc swinging Axe
FTO7* Orc firing Bow
FTO8* Orc charging with Polearm
FTO9* Orc advancing with Axe and Spear
FTO10* Orc firing Crossbow
FTO11* Orc Chief with Sword and Flail
FTO12* Orc Bodyguard with Battleaxe
FTO13-1* Orc riding Giant War-Wyvern
FTO13-2* Orc riding Giant War-Wyvern
FTO14 Ogron Foulbreath, Orc champion (Dec 1982)
RPI - US Only
FTO15 Orc Bodyguard with Thunder Mace & Shield

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