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FTN - Fantasy Tribe Night Goblins / Gnomes (US only)

Announced on the Fantasy Tribes Special flyer in late 1982, the FTN range was one of the last Fantasy Tribes ranges released. In the US, Ral Partha International released some of them, but under different codes than had been used in the UK. The Night Goblins became C13 Night Goblins and the Gnome Imps (FTL Lesser Night Goblins in the UK), C13 Lesser Goblins.

UK codes from the Fantasy Tribes Flyer
a) Goblin with Morning Star(FF21)
b) Goblin with Sword (FF20)
c) Goblin with Bow (FF22)
d) Goblin with Spear (FF23)
e) Goblin Commander (FF63)
f) Goblin Standard Bearer
g) Goblin with Spear Advancing
h) Goblin with Mace
i) Goblin with Spear Standing
j) Goblin with Pitchfork
k) Goblin with Club
l) Goblin with Large Club
m) Goblin with Sling
n) Goblin with Axe
o) Goblin with Hammer
p) Goblin Fanatic Swinging Ball & Chain
q) Goblin Archer
r) Goblin Archer Advancing
s) Goblin Priest
p) Goblin Fanatic Advancing with Ball & Chain
RPI 1984 Catalog codes
FTN1 Gnome with Spear & Shield
FTN2 Gnome Imp with Javelin & Shield
FTN3 Gnome Imp with Bow, Knife & Wicker Shield
FTN4 Beserker Gnome with Scimitar & Shield
FTN5 Gnome with Mace
FTN6 Gnome Firing Bow

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