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FTG - Fantasy Tribe Gnolls / Goblins

The first of the Fantasy tribe releases, they were first advertized in White Dwarf 21 (October / November 1980), initially as FG1-12, not FTG1-12. FTG13 followed in White Dwarf 23 (February/March 1981).

The range were renamed as Goblins in the 1982 Blue Catalog and became part of the C12 Goblns ranges in 1983. FTG15 & 16 Lesser Goblins were announced on 1982 Flyer D, but were then going to be "integrated with the FTL range" on the Fantasy Tribe Flyer of late 1982/early 1983.

Ral Partha included FTG15-19 in their 1983 RPI Catalog, these were C12 and C21 items in the UK.

* = Personalized

*FTG1 Gnoll with Pole Arm
*FTG2 Gnoll attacking with Hand Weapons
*FTG3 Gnoll standing with Hand Weapons
FTG4 Gnoll Chieftain
FTG5 Gnoll Standard Bearer
*FTG6 Great Gnoll Halbardier
*FTG7 Great Gnoll with Hand Weapons
*FTG8 Great Gnoll on Giant Boar
*FTG9 Gnoll on Giant Boar
FTG10 Two Drunken Gnolls
*FTG11 Female Gnoll
FTG12 Gnoll Children (2)
FTG13 Gnoll Chieftain's Chariot, with 4 crew, pulled by 2 giant boars
FTG14 Gnorman the Gnoll (aka Gilbert the Goblin)
FTG16 Lesser Goblin with mace (various) (UK Oct 1982)
FTG17 Lesser Goblin with Club (various) (UK Oct 1982)
RPI - US Only
FTG15 Goblin Priest with mace
FTG16 Goblin with Short Sword and Shield
FTG17 Goblin Archer
FTG18 Goblin with Halberd and Shield
FTG19 Lancer on Giant War Boar

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