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FTC - Fantasy Tribe Cavalry

Announced on the Fantasy Tribes Special flyer in late 1982, the FTC range was one of the last Fantasy Tribes ranges released. The range became the C21/1 & /2 Fantasy Cavalry in January 1983.

a) Goblin General on Armoured Boar
b) Goblin Boar Rider with Mace
c) Goblin Boar Rider Lancer
d) Goblin Boar Rider with Sword
e) Red Goblin Wolf Rider Officer
f) Red Goblin Wolf Rider with Scimitar
g) Red Goblin Wolf Rider with Club
h) Dark Lord of the Undead
i) Skeleton Plague Rider
j) Grim Reaper
k) Skeleton Warrior Lord
l) Wraith Rider

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