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FS Series - Fantasy Specials

"Dungeon inmates and artifacts both for games and dioramas"

Some of these pieces were still in production twenty five years later in Citadel's Arcane Architecture ranges

The US Only Releases were were released as Ral Partha Imports in the US, but were not sculpted by Citadel.

FS1-1 Dungeon Doorway
FS1-2 Dungeon Doorway
FS2-1 Magic Mouth Doorway
FS2-2 Necromancer with Female Sacrifice on Altar (3 pcs)
FS3-1 Demon Floor Trap
FS3-2 Demon Doorway (Portal of Chaos)
FS4-1 Living Wall
FS4-2 Trapdoors (2 pcs)
FS5-1 Old Wizard on Throne reading Book on Lectern (3 pcs.)
FS5-2 Old Wizard on Throne reading Book on Lectern (3 pcs.)
FS6-1 Dungeon Torturess with Whip
FS6-2 Dungeon Torturess with Whip
FS7-1 Naked Girl bound Hand and Foot
FS7-2 Naked Girl bound Hand and Foot
FS8-1 Naked Girls bound to Post, Cross and Yoke (3 figs.)
FS8-2 Naked Girls bound to Post, Cross and Yoke (3 figs.)
FS9-1 Naked Girl hanging from Wooden Trestle (3 pcs.)
FS9-2 Naked Girl in Iron Maiden
FS10-1 Naked Girl roasting on Spit over Brazier (4 pcs.)
FS10-2 Naked Girl and Rack
FS11-1 Hunchback Beggar on Crutch
FS11 -2 Hunchback Beggar on Crutch (Spring 1982)
FS12 Ornate Sarcophagus (2 pcs.)
FS13-1 Trapdoor and Floor Grill
FS13-2 Magic Window
FS14 Dungeon Debris, Equipment and Treasure (3 figs.)
FS15 Robin Hood
FS16 Wandering Minstrel
FS17 The White Dwarf
FS18 Rasputin the Mad Monk
FS19 Soothsayer
FS20 Naked Girl in Stocks
FS21 Naked Girl in Pillory
FS22-1 Victim in Iron Cage hanging from Gibbet
FS22-2 Victim hanging from Gibbet
FS23 Tavern, Table and Bench (3 pcs)
FS24 Tavern Bed, unmade
FS25 Tavern Accessories (Chest, Sacks, Barrel, etc.) (6 pcs.)
FS26-1 Hero's Armour hanging on Post
FS26-2 Dungeon Pillars (2) (Oct 1982)
FS27 Large Treasure Chest
FS27 Dungeon Windows (4) (Oct 1982)
FS28-1 Slain Adventurers (2 figs.)
FS28-2 Slain Adventurers (2 figs.) (Oct 1982)
FS29-1 Expedition Mule
FS29-2 Expedition Mule
FS30 Naked Girl in Restraining Device
FS31-1 Lion's Head Fountain
FS31-2 Magic Fountain
FS32 Magic Items
FS33-1 Witch's Items
FS33-2 Witch's Items
FS34 Treasure Items
FS35 Idol
FS36-1 Statue
FS36-2 Gargoyle Statue
FS37 Round Table
FS38 Chairs
FS39 Large Centipede
FS40-1 Large Spider
FS40-2 Beetles (Oct 1982)
FS41 Large Beetles
FS42 Large Bugs
FS43-1 Large Grubs
FS43-2 Old Wizard with Spell Book (Oct 1982)
FS44-1 Large Worms
FS44-2 Seductive Wench (Oct 1982)
FS45-1 Large Ant
FS45-2 Monk with Staff (aka Mysterious Stranger with Staff) (Aug 1982)
FS46 Large Slug
FS47-1 Large Crab
FS47-2 Drunk with Club (aka Grumpy Old Boozer) (Aug 1982)
FS48-1 Rats
FS48-2 Brawny Adventurer
FS49-1 Sleeping Dog
FS49-2 Barking Dog (Apr 1982)
FS50-1 Dragon Eggs
FS50-2 Bryan the Wizard (Oct 1982)
FS51 Large Scorpion
FS52 Large Statue
FS53-1 Dwarf Guardsman in Plate Armour
FS53-2 Dwarf Guardsman (Aug 1982)
FS54-1 Dwarf Priest
FS54-2 Dwarf Priest (Aug 1982)
FS55 Little Old Man
FS56 Village Idiot
FS57 Innkeeper
FS58 Innkeeper's Wife
FS59 Serving Wench
FS60 Villager
FS61 Villager's Wife
FS62 Village Children
FS63 Store Keeper
FS64 Money Lender
FS65 Seductive Wench Seated
FS66 Mysterious Stranger Seated
FS67 Brawny Adventurer Seated
FS68 Grumpy Old Boozer Seated
FS69 Mounted Knight Charging with Lance
FS70 Sacrificial Goat

US Only Releases

FS71 Zombie with Cleaver
FS72 Zombie

US Only Non Citadel Releases

FS73 Druid with Bear RPI
FS74 "Hellspawn" the Beast Demon RPI
FS75 Sinbad RPI
FS76 Assassin to the Brotherhood RPI
FS77 Palace Guard RPI
FS78 Warrior Monk RPI
FS79 Caravan Guard RPI

Thanks to Richard Scott of Otherworld Miniatures for help with many of the missing pieces.

Miniatures ©Games Workshop
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