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FAC Series - Mounted Fantasy Adventurers

FAC1 Mounted Fighter in Plate Mail with Sword
FAC2 Mounted Wizard with Staff
FAC3 Mounted Cleric with Cross and Mace
FAC4 Mounted Sneak Thief with Dagger
FAC5 Mounted Druid with Sickle
FAC6 Mounted Bard with Sword and Lute
FAC7 Mounted Monk with Staff
FAC8 Mounted Ranger with Sword and Bow
FAC9 Mounted Barbarian with Two-Handed Sword
FAC10 Mounted Paladin with Sword
FAC11 Mounted Illusionist
FAC12 Mounted Ninja (Assassin) with Sword
FAC14 Mounted Elven Hero with Sword
FAC15 Mounted Dwarf with Two-Handed Hammer
FAC16 Mounted Female Wizard with Staff
FAC17 Mounted Female Thief with Dagger and Sack
FAC18 Mounted Female Cleric with Mace
FAC19 Mounted Female FIghter with Sword
FAC20 Mounted Houri with Dagger
FAC21 Mounted Evil Wizard
FAC22 Mounted Evil Cleric
FAC23 Mounted Evil Princess
FAC24 Mounted Anti-Hero
FAC25 Mounted Necromancer
FAC26 Mounted Fighter in Chainmail
FAC27 Mounted Amazon with Sword
FAC28 Mounted Amazon Priestess
FAC29 Mounted Dwarf Champion
FAC30 Mounted Female Ranger
FAC31 Mounted Paladin in full Chainmail
FAC32 Mounted Half-Orc of Grim Countenance
FAC33 Mounted Evil Hero
FAC34 Mounted Gnome Warrior Thief
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Miniatures ©Games Workshop
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