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Doctor Who

Released in 1986 to support the FASA Doctor Who game, the metal miniatures were initially released as solid based pieces in special "Tardis" boxes. The Citadel versions were later released as slotta based pieces in blister packs, initially of 3 miniatures.
A plastic boxed set of Daleks & Cybermen was also released.
The FASA series used solid bases and also included a set of 3 Temporal Marauders that Citadel released as part of the JD3 Judge Dredd Perps range.

Blister Packs / Tardis Boxes
DW1 The Three Doctors
DW2 The Fourth Doctor, The Fifth Doctor, The Master
DW3 Daleks
DW4 Cybermen
DW5 Ice Warriors
DW6 Unit: Sergeant Benson, Captain Yates, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Troopers
DW7 Companions 1 - Adric, Leela, Sarah Jane
DW8 Davros, Engineer Dalek, K9
DW9 Time Lords
DW10 Sea Devils
DW11 Companions 2 - Jo Grant, Romana, Turlough
Boxed Set
PBS2 Daleks and Cybermen (plastic)

Miniatures ©Games Workshop
Images ©2012/3  The Stuff of Legends, may not be copied without permission
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