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Speciality Set 5 (v2) - Warrior Knights of Law




Richard Facey




July 1984

There were 2 versions of the Knights of Law, The Goodly Knights and the Warrior Knights. This second set was also briefly listed as SS5a Warriors Knights of Chaos in the Arcane Listings, they underwent a change of alignment before Compendium 2 was published, the listed names are the same.

Sir Lamorak de Gales, Sir Blamor de Lanis, Sir Villiars the Valiant, Sir Melias de Lisle, Sir Melion of the Mountain
Sir Baudwin the Virtuous, Sir Aliduke Dragonbane, Sir Cador Celestor, Sir Palomides Pureheart, Sir Lanceor de Leal.

Miniatures ©Games Workshop
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